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My passion is agriculture photography and the western way of life. Take some time to explore the different galleries with some of my favorite images. They all exhibit the happenings of everyday life in agriculture no matter what time of year it is, or the weather conditions.

Photos are available to purchase as wall art or as stock photography for your business promotions.

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Holly Nicoll

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  • Spring Prairie CrocusThe Prairie Crocus Hunt – A Sign of Spring
      When the days get longer and the snow disappears, spring begins to show signs of arrival. We watch the weather and take advantage of any extra warmth the sun gives us. And as a kid growing up in the country, it was also time to start watching for the prairie crocus. Finding this little purple flower signified that we were past winter and moving towards hot summer nights and more time outside.   Keeping with tradition With the COVID-19 pandemic, and having been in isolation since Read more >