Belgian horse draft team

This is a photograph of a team of Belgian draft horses. It was early January when I went out to visit a good friend from university, Geoff Hoar. He owns San Emideo Ranch. He purchased these 3 Belgian mares and has worked with them, teaching them to drive. It’s pretty unique to see a triple team, and even more spectacular because they look very similar. In this photo, these 3 beauties pulled a sled that was set up to feed round bales to the cows.

We made four trips just before dusk. The horses worked well together, crushing through snow drifts, backing up to retrieve hay bales, and waiting patiently for gates to be opened. Sometimes it’s nice to do things the old fashioned way even though it takes longer. It was quiet and peaceful for everyone.

This triple team has been featured several times in my photography portfolio, and most recently in the 2019 Cowboys, Horses & Landscapes calendar. I love watching and taking pictures of them.