Belgian horse eating hay

This photograph of a Belgian mare shows off her amazing mane and forelock in black and white.

I’m always looking for images everywhere I go. So, when I was leaving a good friend’s place, I could see the horses out in the pasture eating hay and relaxing in the sun. Molly caught my attention right away. Before I knew it, I stopped the truck and jumped out with my camera. As I climbed through the fence all of the horses turned their attention to me wondering who the new visitor was. Molly didn’t mind. She’s gentle and calm, broke to pull wagons in the summer and sleds in the winter.

My preference in photography is color more often than black and white when editing. Molly has red roan coloring, and the contrast in this image turned it into a great black and white image.

As a result, Molly has been blown up for large stretched canvas prints for several clients. Contact me if you are interested in owning one.