Blackfoot woman portrait

This image of a Blackfoot woman was taken at a workshop with Scott Baxter near Longview, Alberta. We photographed several models throughout the day. But, the highlight was meeting Savanna Sparvier.

She was crowned the 2017 Calgary Stampede First Nations Princess. This one year appointment offers an Indigenous outlook to the Calgary Stampede. In this role, Savanna represented the Treaty 7 nations, and the Indian Village (now known as the Elbow River Camp). As well, her Blackfoot name is “All Around Snake Woman”. The name passed down by three-generations and given to her by her Grandmother, who she is named after.

Subsequently, throughout the day Savanna made several wardrobe changes to keep the photographers snapping pictures. The outfits were chosen with pure intent and represented a part of her deep culture. Here, she wraps herself in a handmade shawl with beautiful, beaded patterns. Similarly, her hat shows off intricate patterns and vivid colors.

In this moment I caught Savanna looking back. Reflecting perhaps while wrapped in her family traditions and history.

Soul Chasers is another favorite photograph taken the same day.