Cowboy horse race

A pair of cowboys chase each other across the prairie landscape. Their horses pacing at a full gallop. It’s a cowboy horse race! Who’s going to win? As a result, I called this photo ‘Soul Chasers’ and it’s showcased in the 2020 Cowboys, Horses & Landscapes calendar for July.

This photo was taken on a day that I will never forget. In other words, I left the house wondering why I was awake so early on a weekend. The smoke from the British Columbia forest fires was thick and hazy. It was hard to breathe, and I wondered how we were going to get any good photos without having the beautiful foothills and Rocky Mountains in the background. My destination was Longview, Alberta to spend the day with Scott Baxter, an outstanding western lifestyle photographer from Arizona.

I got lucky with this shot. Above all, the horse’s strides are balanced, the settings on the camera were good for the exposure, and the cowboys raced their horses with no fear.

As a result, I learned valuable lessons that day. A photographer can’t set up an ideal day. But, it’s the photographer’s job is to take pictures no matter what, and make any situation beautiful.