A herd of cattle eat silage on a snowy pasture with mountains in the background.

The cows are quietly eating silage. Ranchers do not get to sleep in when there are cattle to be fed. It was a foggy Saturday morning in March, and to be honest I wasn’t excited to get out of my warm bed. The light conditions were poor, and I was thinking it was a waste of time. Nevertheless, I met up with my neighbor and jumped in the feed truck with my camera and a coffee. 

We started in the feedlot and continued to feed some more cows out on pasture. The fog cleared and the sun came out. It was a gorgeous day. This was the last group of cows that were fed that morning. The Rocky Mountains gleamed in the background as the cattle enjoyed the silage. I couldn’t help but feel very appreciative that this was where I lived, and even more that I got out of bed to see it!