A Claas combine harvesting malt barley


Here’s an image of a farmer harvesting malt barley. It’s a special time of year. It’s when farmers see the rewards of their hard work through the growing season. Mother nature can dictate what those results look like more times than not. A good friend and colleague invited me down one evening after work to ride around in the combine with him. It was a gorgeous September evening just east of High River.

The harvest crew was in this field of 2-row malt barley that would later get shipped to the maltster to make tasty beer! It takes a recipe of a lot of things for farmers to meet the specs for malt barley. The right fertility program, good growing conditions, minimal leaf disease, and sometimes a little bit of luck.

As the sun started to set, there was a perfect moment to jump out of the combine and grab this picture. I love the clouds and the farm yard in the background. Above all, it symbolizes a lot of things when it comes to farming. Success, reward, and hard work are just a few words that come to mind.

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