Haying equipment sits idle in a field

This set of haying equipment sits in a field after finishing up for the day. July is a busy time for ranchers in the community. It’s haying season.

It’s always a challenge to manage the logistics of making hay with Mother Nature. Since we live west of Calgary, storm’s build up with moisture coming over the Rockies. It’s hard to get hay off when you want to at the right time. It has to be dry! The goal is  to have the best quality feed for your animals. Good nutrition produces healthy livestock and the foundation is high quality hay. This field was being baled for cattle to feed during the winter.

In this photo, the John Deere tractors rest in the field after baling hay all day. The sun provided a pink hue to the clouds. There was a slight chance of rain, and it looked like there was a small shower to the south. I managed to catch this view near my driveway right before the light went away behind the mountains.